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Woodlands Small Business Bankruptcy

Small Business Bankruptcy

Is bankruptcy is the best solution for your struggling business? James R. Jones, Attorney at Law is a leading small business bankruptcy attorney in Woodlands, TX, and can provide you with all the information you need to determine the bankruptcy option that’s best for your business and for your future.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Small Business

Is your company overwhelmed with debt? Owning a small business that’s struggling is an incredibly stressful situation. Bankruptcy is an option when you can’t find a way to keep up with payments. We specialize in helping Woodlands, TX businesses pursue small business bankruptcy as a last resort when it’s the best option for their situation.

Chapter 7 business bankruptcy is our forte, and we know how to navigate this challenging situation for businessowners in virtually every industry. Call us for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about the process and to see if you might qualify for liquidation bankruptcy.

Asset Liquidation

Filing for Chapter 7 is much different for a business than for an individual as the owners can turn the business over to a trustee for liquidation. Once liquidation is complete and proceeds disbursed to creditors, the business is clear from debts. Unless you, as the business owner, are personally liable for debts, you’re off the hook for any lease obligations, contracts, loans, utility bills, etc.

With our help, Chapter 7 can be an excellent way for a businessowner to wind down a business. It’s also ideal for sole proprietors who want to keep service-oriented businesses open with just the bare necessities while the excess is liquidated to cover debts.

Start Your New Financial Future

Remember that bankruptcy isn’t just the consequence of reckless spending or poor decisions. Most businessowners who file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy do so as a result of sudden, unexpected expenses. Whether your business is struggling due to job loss, an economic downturn or an emergency, we’re here to help.

>James R. Jones, Attorney at Law has helped countless businessowners regain control of their finances when Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the best option. Contact us today at 713-992-2039 to schedule your free consultation.

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