April 1, 2019

Staff accountant

"I was referred to Jim and was very pleased. He is very helpful and explained all the information in detail."
January 12, 2019

"I consulted with two bankruptcy attorneys before retaining Mr. Jones. He wasn’t arrogant, but rather down to earth and didn’t try to impress me with his knowledge. He explained the process but did not overwhelm me as I think he knew I was very stressed out. He put me at ease but did not pressure me but informed me of the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy. After I thought it through very carefully I decided to retain Mr. Jones. I liked his guidance through the process and he would never fail to remind what I needed to do. I was kept on tract and I’m an over thinker, so he kept me in the moment. He always returned my phone calls in a timely manner and that can be rare these days. He was never too busy to listen and validated my feelings and did not overwhelm me with the legalities of the law. He told me exactly what to do and when, one step at a time. I always felt he was there for me, not only on a professional level but personal as well. He is refreshing, witty and overall nice guy. I feel I’m a good judge of character and I should be after 68 years of life experiences. Mr. Jones has empathy and he’s not greedy! I highly unequivocally recommend Mr. Jones, aka, The Lawman, for your bankruptcy. He’s not only an expert in the law but he has common sense. I wish the best to anyone who has found it necessary to declare bankruptcy but I have not regretted it. Thank you Jim for making my future look bright again!! Marcia"
January 7, 2019

"Jim Jones is in my opinion is among the best of the best attorneys for family law in Montgomery County. He was very personal and professional. Jim put me at ease when I didn’t really know my options or the consequences of my descisions regarding my case. After every visit between Jim and myself, I felt informed and confident. Jim was integral in helping me gain fair and legal custody of my 5 year old daughter after almost 2 years of not having custody of her. I would absolutely recommend Jim to any parent in Montgomery County that is in need of legal assistance dealing with their own personal family case."
June 6, 2018

"Mr. Jones not just handle my wife’s case with care but with genuine professionalism. Thank you Mr. Jones for all your hard work and advise on our Family Will. I will refer all my family a friends to you. Mr. Jones welcome to our Family!!"
April 15, 2018

"Jim helped me with my bankruptcy. It was done quickly and efficiently, with little stress on my end. I would highly recommend him for your legal assistance needs and I plan to consult him in the future for any other help I may need."
James R. Jones, Attorney At Law