The Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

The Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

June 1, 2020

When you decide to file for bankruptcy, you should seriously consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County, TX to assist with your case. While you can go through the process without a lawyer, having someone skilled in the often-complex proceedings is the best way to find financial freedom.

What can a bankruptcy attorney do for me?

The goal of bankruptcy is to discharge as much debt as possible and give you a fresh financial start. Whichever type of bankruptcy you choose, there will be rules about which assets you can keep and what you have to do with those you cannot. Having an attorney will help guide you through the process, which can be frightening for some, and ensure that you get the best outcome possible. Here are a few of the major things bankruptcy attorneys can help with:

  • Decide between bankruptcy types: Bankruptcy for individuals comes down to choosing between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, both of which come with advantages and drawbacks. Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 7, however, so your attorney will be able to educate you about the different types and determine which one will be most beneficial to your circumstances and priorities.
  • Teach you which debts will not be discharged: Not all debts are discharged at the end of the bankruptcy proceedings—your attorney will tell you what you can expect to discharge and what will stick with you even when other debts are wiped clean.
  • Help you through the “means test”: In order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must pass a “means test” that shows your income level and why you are unable to pay all of your debts. It also helps decide if you’re able to make payments in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to keep more of your assets.

How to find the right bankruptcy lawyer

Making sure you get the right bankruptcy lawyer in Montgomery County, TX for your case is more than a matter of making sure they passed the bar. Your State Bar Association will have listings of bankruptcy attorneys in your area—call and interview them or set up consultations to determine how compatible you are.

Your main questions should be whether they have the right qualifications, whether you can afford their services and whether you’re comfortable working with that particular person. Ask about how they structure their pricing and fees, when any payments are due and whether payment plans are available.

You should also ask what specific duties they’ll be taking on, when you can expect them to be finished and what kind of common issues or delays happen in cases like yours. Ask what documentation is required, and whether you’ll be attending meetings with them.

Finally, ask about their communication style. How often can you expect to hear from them? When? Can you email or call as well?

Working with a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County, TX can make your case easier. Call James R. Jones, Attorney at Law today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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