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How You Can Expect Business Bankruptcy to Affect Your Credit

July 6, 2019

Business bankruptcy could have a significant effect on your credit score if you are personally liable for any of the debts incurred by your company. The type of business entity/structure you have and the company’s own tax liability will have a lot to do with whether or not personal liability... View Article

Can You Continue Your Business After Filing for Bankruptcy?

June 29, 2019

Filing for bankruptcy always comes with a certain degree of risk, especially as a business owner. There is a chance that filing personal bankruptcy could make it difficult, if not downright impossible, for you to keep your business. However, this depends on the circumstances of your case, as well as... View Article

Tips About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Owners of a Small Business

June 15, 2019

If you’re struggling with your finances as a small business owner, filing for Chapter 7 business bankruptcy in Montgomery County, TX could be one way to save your company, or simply offer you a less turbulent way of closing it down. It’s not common for a business entity itself to... View Article